Well, hello!

…and Welcome to WatchMeExplode.com.

This site is an educational platform for independent music artists.

Here’s the short version of what we do:

We help indie musicians succeed by providing training and education.

Here’s the long version of what we do:

We help independent musicians figure out what they want to achieve in their music career. Then we teach them how to achieve it.

We do that by providing access to a library of detailed video lessons, worksheets, checklists, tutorials, and other educational material. The course material is developed in partnership with different industry professionals who are experts in their specific niche within the music industry such as home recording, marketing, or music theory.

Rather than just providing a hodgepodge of courses and worksheets, we also provide a visual roadmap that the artist can follow through the most common stages of building a successful career. This gives the artist a chronological plan so they know exactly what step to take next.

In addition to the course material, the forums in our member’s area allow musicians to discuss their journey, struggles, and successes with each other. While our administrators and industry partners may pop into the forums from time to time to answer questions, we like to foster a collaborative environment where the members, musicians at different levels in their career, can offer advice to each other.

It’s really a beautiful thing! Positive collaboration!

Each month we hold a live workshop on a specific topic where members can ask questions to the Watch Me Explode team and occasionally special guests.

New course material is added regularly based on feedback in the forums regarding what topic is most in demand.

Our goal is to help musicians define and find success on their terms.

Questions, comments, concerns, or collaborations?

Contact me. I’m Chris.